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"The Robocall Enforcement Unit is affiliated with the Ohio Attorney General's Office. If you have already given your personal information to a scammer while you were in our jurisdiction, or you believe a crime has been committed, you may want to contact the Medina Township Police Department at 330-723-5191 to file a police report."

Contact Info

4877 Fenn Road
Medina, Ohio, 44256

Emergencies: Dial 911
Non-Emergency Dispatch: 330.723.5191
Station Phone: 330.723.1408
Station Fax: 330.591.9922

next door neighbor logoopens IMAGE file We have added a new page called Nextdoor The private social network for your neighborhood. you can go to the link on this page and register. This page will have  posts from our department about things we feel the community should be informed of.  Please be sure to sign up if you would like to get these notifications.

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Commitment to Excellence in Service

We believe that policing should be interactive, results-oriented process between the police and the community. The process is information driven and should create partnerships between the police employees, the department and those we serve: Identify problems that impact the quality of life in the community, devise strategies to address those problems: and work collaboratively to sole them by utilizing all resources available.

Award CeremonySergeant Todd Zieja and Officer Cliff Nicholson receive commendations from Trustee Chairman, Mike Stopa, for their outstanding service and coordination of the nationwide search to find the recent missing Medina Township resident and getting her home safely.  Not pictured is Officer Mike Oyler who also played a significant roll in her safe return.

“If we can’t get to you we can’t help”

Medina Township Police Department has a solution.  We were able, through our Community Relations Grant, to purchase a limited number of Lock Boxes.  We will be giving them away to township residents who meet certain criteria.  If the resident is awarded a Lock Box we will install the lock box for you.  The combination will be securely stored in our data base so if we ever need to gain entry to your home we will be able to do so with no damage to your home.

You only need to fill out an application and submit it to The Police Chief at Medina Township Police or drop it off at our station located at 4877 Fenn Road, Medina, Ohio 44256.  The application can be found on our web page or you can pick one up at the police station.

To be eligible for a lock box you must have one or more of the following situations:

  1. Over 65 and on a fixed income.
  2. Disabled at any age.
  3. Have a specific medical condition that would warrant emergency entry to get to you.
  4. A disabled veteran at any age.
  5. have a medical monitoring system

We are happy to offer this service free of charge to the citizens of Medina Township. Together we can build a safer community.

Click here to fill out an online application

Click here to download an applicationopens PDF file

Click here for the flyeropens PDF file

How Can We Improve Community & Police Relations?


The Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board and the Office of Criminal Justice Services launched the Change Starts Here Campaign as a part of Ohio’s intensive agenda to improve community-police relations. Warhol & WALL ST, a Columbus-based lifestyle marketing and creative development company created the multi-pronged outreach and education campaign geared to raise awareness about community-police relations in Ohio.

As part of the overall scope of responsibility for the Ohio Collaborative, the public awareness campaign will:

  • Educate law enforcement on how to better interact with the community they serve by focusing on appropriate and effective programming especially those programs that promote positive educational interactions between law enforcement and youth in the community;
  • Educate the general public on strategies to improve community-police relations including how to appropriately interact with law enforcement and how law enforcement should appropriately interact with the public; and
  • Educate the community about the duties of law enforcement and the nature of their responsibilities in order to raise citizen’s awareness and understanding of law enforcement’s obligation to protect and strengthen the vital partnership between the community and law enforcement. opens in a new windowGo to Website.


Coronavirus Information:

Social Media Policiesopens PDF file

“IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING”. The police cannot help you if they are not notified. The Police Department works 24/7 including holidays.

Last year Medina Township Police Dept. was selected to be featured in the “Change Starts Here” public relations production. They were selected because of our community involvement and a recipient of one of the Ohio Collaborative Grants.The production team attended our “Cookout with a COP” day and conducted several interviews with attendees and officers. We are incredibly proud that our department out of the 900+ agencies in the State of Ohio was selected to be featured in this documentary!



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