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Our Mission:

To protect and serve the community in its quest for a peaceful and safe existence, free from fear, and with democratic values applied equally to all citizens!

Commitment to Excellence in Service

We believe that policing should be interactive, results-oriented process between the police and the community. The process is information driven and should create partnerships between the police employees, the department and those we serve: Identify problems that impact the quality of life in the community, devise strategies to address those problems: and work collaboratively to sole them by utilizing all resources available.

PRESS RELEASE: The Medina Township Police Department has moved to 4877 Fenn Road (just east of Pearl Rd. on the north side of Fenn Rd. Phone numbers remain the same.

 “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING”. The police cannot help you if they are not notified. The Police Department works 24/7 including holidays.

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Phone calls stating that the caller is from the IRS and telling you that if you don’t send money you will be arrested.  That is not true.  The IRS does not call people and tell them they are going to be arrested.  There have been 11 of those calls reported so far.  Also the Grandmother scam is on again where they call and say they are the grandchild and to send money to get them out of jail or some other problem.

Drug Drop Off Box

The drop off box for unused prescription medications is located in the parking lot of our new facilities at 4877 Fenn Road (just east of Pearl Rd. on the north side of Fenn Rd.). We are collaborating with the Drug Enforcement Administration on a Nationwide Drug Take Back Initiative. The Medina Township Police Dept. supported the DEA’s Drug Take Back Event two years in a row and the response was pleasantly surprising.  {…Read More…}

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Community Partners Program

Help make our township a safer place for the future of our community. Download the Community Partners Program by clicking on the Community Partners photo at the left.



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